Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh, To Be Eleven Again...

I just had to share this shot. My little guy and his best friend were occupying themselves by terrorizing passing neighbors. Somehow, I don't think their camouflage worked and the neighbors still knew who the ruffians were.

Yes, those are evergreen boughs on their faces. They were hiding up in the evergreen tree behind them. Maybe I should stick with the beef this week, they could use some beefing up!



  1. Great picture! Boys being boys....boy can I relate!

    Love your blog! Count me as a regular follower...I added you to my favs.

  2. Love the site Donna! I also love the pictures. They are awesome! if you took the pictures then I would say that photography is also one of your gifts!!! Kimba!

  3. Great Blog Donna! BTW, I'm also a snapdragon...go figure! Those boys are just growing too fast to allow the meat to stick to their bones. Wonder picture, you can use it as black mail when they start dating! *G* I've bookmarked your blog and will visit often!

    Vicki B

  4. Hahaha, such funny disguises! I am delighted to see you posting so much and you have fans now! Hugs.

  5. Hey ma chickie,
    When are ya gonna update? Consider this a nudge. *g* Huggles!


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