Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Chicken in Every Pot...

A mom's ever present dilemma and a kids constant question: "What's for dinner?" I keep an old chalkboard on the bathroom wall. It's a handy place for messages and jokes. Last week, up shows a dinner request list on the board written in young hand. Last night it was updated:

Wed: Shepard's Pie
Thur: Lasagna
Fri: Burgers
Sat: Meatloaf (non-chuncky)

Think the kid likes beef? Notice mashed potatoes are included at least once. I make mashed potatoes by request at least every 5 days, I swear. It's a big joke around here that everyone is in a terminal state of mashed potato deprivation. Non-chunky meatloaf refers to the sans peppers and onions variety (which are usually picked to the side by the author of the list.)

I, on the other hand, need a little protein variety in my diet. Tuesday is always a busy night in our house, so it's often soup night. Last night's selection was chicken. I thought I'd share.

I love homemade soup. The beginnings of this one look pretty stark, but there's something about a simple little chicken floating around with celery and onion that is homey to me.

Nothing fancy about this soup at all, I made it the old fashioned way. I simmered the chicken, then removed it to cool. I did add more canned broth, then potatoes, carrots, more celery and peas. some thyme and sage, salt and pepper, too.

I thickened it with a bit of corn starch to add some body to the broth.

Honey cornbread as a side and dinner was done.

And what a great lunch on this cold spring day!



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  1. Yummmmm, can I come over for soup? *g* So cute that your little Mr Hunky posts his menu request for you to see.

    Good job with the photos to go with your blog too.

    Isn't blogging fun! Hugs.


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