Sunday, June 21, 2009

Evolution of a Greenhouse

I've been meaning to tell my greenhouse's story, so now is a good time. My birthday is in April. For several years, my husband asked if I'd like him to build me a greenhouse or garden shed. Feeling indulgent (but all the while really wanting one,) I said no. So last year (2008) he asked again and I finally said yes. He said, "Well, good, because I was going to build it anyway." :-)

We went to Constuction Junction, the building material re-use-it center. We bought great old windows and a door and shutters to use as vents. Plus 42' of old picket fencing I couldn't resist. Multiple trips to the home center and we were ready to build.

My hunky men started by leveling the spot, which sits right beside my vegetable garden, above six fruit trees we have. My garden looks really ratty in this April photo! I hadn't taken down the spent pole beans and the grass hasn't been cut yet. Oh well, always something to do in the garden.

Then came the framing of the walls and roof. The guys were usually working together, Bob being very patient teaching Brad the skills of carpentry. It was completely framed in by July.

The roof was on and most of the walls were up by August. This photo captures the dog licking her lips after eating a tomato out of the harvest basket. The sunflowers framed the vegetables, but almost became unruly!

Then Bob installed the windows and door in the fall, which I had been diligently scraping and painting. He got it all together before the winter came and the first snowfall. Not bad timing for doing all the work in his spare time, which he has precious little of.

So my beautiful little greenhouse waited patiently for me all winter...

More later...


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