Thursday, April 14, 2011

Making a Folding Pressing Table

When I'm working on a lot of repetitive patchwork that needs pressing in between stitching, it sure is convenient to have your iron nearby.  I also have some persnickety joints in my back and they do not appreciate me leaning at cattywampus angles to accomplish the task.  Sooo, I took my chiropractor's advice and made this little sidekick as a solution.    

For my first test subject, I purchased a wooden folding tray table for about $9.  

Drafting a 20 yr. old beach towel into service (which was possibly the ugliest one ever made,) I layered two pieces of toweling, a scrap piece of cotton batting and a rectangle of denim, pinking the edges.  You could use any heavy cotton fabric.  Skip the man made fibers.  Cut the layers in graduated sizes to reduce bulk.

I absconded with Hunky Man's staple gun and sweet talked it enough until I was relatively convinced it wouldn't think of jamming on me.  Pulling the layers nice and taught, staple the fabric edge down one side, every 2" or so.
Cut some bulk out of the corners and fold them nice and neat, stapling thoroughly.
Give those stubborn staples a little convincing with a hammer.

Voila!  In less than 30 minutes, I've made my back and my chiropractor happy.  And it sure is handy to take to quilting retreats as well as to use right here at home.  I keep it set up at a right angle to my sewing table and is handy even if I'm not pressing on it.  Love it!


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  1. Very clever!! I have a mini Ikea ironing board set up between my cutting table and sewing table, and it's the perfect height. I like the denim look.

    Okay, so now I am ruined b/c I can't use the world Clever without thinking of Roger from the books and what "being clever" meant to him as a little boy. :)


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