Friday, November 13, 2009

Round 4 Quilts of Valor

It might be tacky to post more than once a day, but I'm catching up on my QOV show...

Once I got my garden to bed a couple of weeks ago, I started quilting. I can't seem to start on any project for myself without making a QOV first. I leafed through a few ideas and this one struck me. I loved this RailRoad Crossing quilt. Vivid and manly, hopefully a soldier will enjoy it.

I've been cutting a 1 1/2" strip x width of most fabrics I've used for years. I lay them neatly in a drawer. With all the red, white and blue fabrics I've used in the last couple of years, this was a snap to sew together. I cut only about 10 strips to add to what I already had.

Six strips are sewn together, then cut into 3 1/2" units. They are paired with 6 1/2" blocks and 3 1/2" squares. Lickety split. The tan fabric is printed with tiny American flags. I've used this fabric over and over. It's one of the few I use from JoAnn's - most are too stiff or thin. I buy yards and yards whenever I see it.

Again, its scrappy-ness tugs at my heartstrings. Bits used again look so lovely together, even when thrown together. Fabric is like some dishes I cook. Beef burgundy tastes even better two days later. ;-)
This RR Crossing quilt is currently with a longarmer in Ohio. I'll post a photo when it's returned to me.

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  1. You are a talented quilter! Love the story of how it's like your favorite beef dish! gail


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