Friday, November 13, 2009

Round 3 of Quilts of Valor

Hello today...

Continuing with my QOV show, here are numbers 5 and 6, made last winter. This snowball variation entitiled "Shooting Stars" is one of my favorites. It's a scrap quilt, which always pulls at my heartstrings to begin with.
The narrow half square triangle borders are made from the lopped off leftovers from piecing the snowball blocks from a large square and two small squares. I still have hundreds of them left!

It was longarm quilted by Larry Gore, a retired US Army Master Sergeant. He did a fabulous job, using large pantographs of American historical symbols like the US Capitol, Statue of Liberty, George Washington's face and the Lincoln Memorial.
Here is a typical label of mine. I like to use Pigma brand pens. I hand stitch the label onto the bag before the quilt is washed. I generally run a row of light hand quilting (not through the front) in the ditch of the label border.
Half the blocks of this sampler quilt were given to me from my Lally Quilter friends. I made the other blocks. Larry quilted this quilt, also. Again, gorgeous quilting. Each block is uniquely quilted with patriotic themes.

The sampler, its label and bag...

Both quilts ready to be delivered. These were sent to the Naval Academy for two prior service Marines.
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