Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Garden Chores

It's building.  That pressure of way too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  I know it afflicts everyone now and again, and I don't know a mom right now that doesn't have it.  Or a gardener for that matter.  I have no pictures today.  If I don't hit the 'publish' button, it might never happen at all.

I know, I know, "If you have so much to do, then why are you blogging?" you ask.  Well, I'm resting.  I just finished turning over the compost piles.  Now that is a piece of work.  I've even got blisters to prove it.  

When I turn the compost pile, I work up a sweat as if I'm a middle aged man playing racquetball for the first time since the BeeGee's had a hit and I tend to grunt like a Sumo wrestler.  Gosh, that grunting helps so much.  I think the neighbors wonder if there's some creature giving birth somewhere.  Kind of like when I am buzzed by a hummingbird for the first time in the spring.  I hear this monstrous thrum and think for a moment that it's some super huge bug in my hair, but then quickly realize it's only a hummingbird buzzing my tower.  The neighbors probably think, "There's a Sasquatch birthing triplets in the woods!  Naw, it's only Donna, turning the compost pile for the first time."  

So, I'm resting my woobly arms while waiting for meat to thaw to put in the crock pot, and taking a few precious moments to blog.

My garden chores this month (and last, but who's checking)

  • Separate herbs, a few perennials and annuals that have reseeded for the Master Gardener plant sale.  The annuals mainly being the Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate.  No, I don't know the latin name and I don't care.  With a name like that, who needs latin?  Thomas Jefferson grew it and I like to think of him and the kissing and the gate all at the same time.
  • Continue to decipher, save and or eradicate the bazillion seedlings of crazy big funky flowers in my heirloom bed.
  • Edge heirloom bed, whacking back crabgrass and assorted lovely, but uninvited weeds.
  • Plant seeds for nasturtiums, gloriosa daisies and sunflowers.
  • Paint trim on greenhouse that I never did paint last year.
  • Transplant tomato seedlings I have growing under the grow lights in the basement.  Yeah, they're a little behind, but I'm not keeping up with the Jones's.
  • Generally don't sleep til Memorial Day with all the other stuff that needs done, too.
In between time, I need to finish a quilt, host a Bible Study lunch, make a quilt top and back, shuttle to and from and attend baseball games, make dinner, spring clean the house, clean out half the basement and relocate my sewing room there.  The list goes on.

Oh, and love on my family.

~~~Taking a deep breath of thanksgiving for the work necessary for the maintenance of my blessings.~~~~



  1. You rock girl! Where are your Hunky men folk when it comes time to turn the compost pile. That leave you to finesse the weeds out and divide the perennials. *G* Spring is a busy time of year and I hope you at least get a cuppa tea in bed for Mother's Day before tackling more gardening.

  2. Sounds like my life here in the garden. It's already too hot during the day to be out there but early in the morning it's nice. The poison ivy has me pretty skittish this year. It's rampant and I don't know how it exploded like it did in only a couple of years. Ah well, it's good to catch up with you and your garden. Can't wait until you get time to post some photos. I love to see how your garden grows. Hugs.


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