Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Waking Up In My Garden...

Here in my Pennsylvania garden, spring has finally spring, full force.  I was desperate for some greenery the other day and went in search of something blooming.  Now, many other bloggers post photos of their fabulous daffodils, hellebores, narcissus, and snow drops.  But not me.  I'm taking the more original route. 

(Confession:  A number of years ago, my sister and I dug up many of the daffodil bulbs that came with this house.  They never produced flowers, only leaves, they were in awful locations and needed a new home in the compost pile and to be replaced with fresh bloomers.  Weeeell, therein lies the rub.  Every autumn since, I've been  so tired of gardening once October arrives, it seems all I can do just to get all my gardens properly put to bed.  Hence, (*gasp*) I don't have any fabulous bulby flowers to show you.  Sssshhhh.  So we'll look at other pretty springy things today...)

Deadnettle.  One of my very favorite plants.  Some people hate it, but I think it's one of the most lovely plants and I often let it run free.  Who wants a lawn like a TV commercial when they could have this pretty little thing instead?  And I do hope I'm remembering it correctly.  You see, every spring I have amnesia in which I forget every plant name I've ever known.  It's like my mind is a great big tome, covered with dust that I must blow off.  I'm still hacking and wheezing from it all.

The pussy willow tree has just finished blooming and the little catkins are just starting their yellow frill.  I love their furry selves.

The lupines are coming up to say hello and holding on to some rain from the night before.  Just a bit magical, don't you think?

These are pink and purple.  I've also put in yellow and red that I hope bloom well for me this year.  Last summer they were still babies getting accustomed to their new environs.

I have let them go to seed, I hope I've not invited trouble.

My red maple has some of the prettiest blooms.  It's very vibrant this year, its little tassels so happy in the sunshine.

Happy spring!

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