Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My first 'Bloom Day'

So I noticed all the hip garden bloggers are participating in Bloom Day. Having no idea what it really was, but not wanting to be left out, I did some Googling and I'm getting myself in on the action.

Bloom Day (as far as I understand it) is the 15th of the month and garden bloggers post photos of what's blooming in their gardens. (Gads, I hope I don't have to be licensed or pre-approved...I'm just nominating myself here.) These are just a few shots of what's blooming in my garden at 5 pm today. (Unfortunately, I'm dealing with camera difficulties and a big lens that must go to the camera doctor.)

I have a very finicky hydrangea, the name of which I don't know other than, "The Persnickety One." Some years it blooms its head off, other years it hides. I am always happy to see it. This year, I am enjoying 8 blooms and here's one of them.

In the vegetable garden, the first Roma Italian pole bean is blooming and asking the bees to come hither...
In my herb/heirloom bed outside of the vegetable garden, borage is blooming. I think I like the hairy buds as much as the blooms, but the bee begs to differ. I have four borage plants I grew from seed this year. Two are nekkid sticks and two are a bit taller, nekkid from the shoulders down. Damn rabbits.

I have an enormous perennial sunflower (which may be relocated to roomier accommodations next year) in my front perennial garden. It was very happy in this evening's sunshine. I see the wee bitty beetle on the tip of a petal has discovered it. This beetle (and its 14,731 redneck cousins) have devoured the petals on most all of my rudbeckia and echinacea. They may meet The Fog of Death soon. This is the third and worst year of their infestation.

And the crowning glory of my heirloom bed, Love Lies Bleeding Amaranthus. These big beauties have grown to mutant heights and widths. The long 'pony tail' here is over 2' in length. Cool! I took the pruners to them last week, to thin them a bit so everything else could live! Some nicotiana is peeking in the picture, too. I have that growing in white, light pink, dark pink and burgundy.

A close up of its funky beauty.



  1. Hi Donna, welcome to Bloom Day! I love...the Love Lies Bleeding and may have to give it a try....It's unusual and a beauty. Do the bees visit it? gail

  2. Hi Gail and thanks for the welcome! You know, now that you mention it, I don't see bees on the Love Lies Bleeding. I have a million bees in my garden, too. I'll pay closer attention to their relationship.

    Stop back and visit!

  3. I lost a few borage, too. I posted a few weeks ago about it, my daughter's plants (that I gave her) are doing better than my two survivors. just goes to show that life is not fair. Enjoyed your post and pics!

  4. Those rabbits! You can't trust them around any plant, borage included it seems. Thanks for finding us and joining in for bloom day!

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Welcome Muum and Carol!

    I'm so glad to have you stop by my bitty blog. :-) Thanks to you both for commenting and for starting Bloom Day, Carol!

    If I get a good recipe for rabbit stew, I'll post that, too. Ha! They're good looks are what's saving them around here.

    Happy Gardening,

  6. Hi Donna, I love seeing what's blooming where you live. I may do a Bloom Day post next month too. The hydragea is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and as always I love the way you write! Huggles


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