Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What's Growing in Mrs. McGregor's Garden...

I stood at my new garden gate and snapped a few photos last week. Things are so much bigger now. What a difference a week makes! (Especially when you've got sunny days after 4" of rain.)
I planted my garden late due to the construction and painting of the fence. So, no onions or sugar snap peas this year.
Starting at the left of the garden, I have two small rows of corn. Peaches and Cream Hybrid. It's an experiment, why not try something new?
Then I have 16 tomato plants. Those I purchased from fellow Master Gardeners at our plant
sale are 2 Roma's and 1 Jetsonic. My father grew and gave me 1 Big Beefy, 3 Delicious and 2 Park's Whoppers. He also gave me a Juliet Grape, but it suffered some sun scald and died. A first for me to have a tomato transplant die. I purchased a cherry tomato plant at the farmer's market to replace it.

I grew from seed 3 Brandywine tomatoes, from seed purchased at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. I also planted three Holy Land tomato plants. I bought several large Holy Land tomatoes at a farm stand in OH last summer. The owner assured me they were delicious dense fruit with few seeds. His grandmother would sit and pick through them just to find the seed.
I saved the seed and planted them this spring and they're coming on like gangbusters. Hopefully they will have a good yield. I love the heirlooms and try to plant many of them.
I have 24 pepper plants. (I know, I'm not only nuts, but a sucker.) 6 each Hungarian wax banana, sweet and hot, 2 Jalepeno, 2 Volcano, and 8 sweet bell. I only purchased the Hungarian Wax. My father or I grew the others from seed.
On the teepees, I have Kentucky Wonder and Roma pole beans. I have Straight Eight cucumbers started on the small fence gate and Blue Lake pole beans on the bean trellis in the back.
You see three kinds of lettuce growing. Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch and Bath Cos (Romaine.) Cherry Belle and White Icicle radishes, Black Beauty zucchini, dill and my old favorite annual flowers, Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate. I just had to put them on either side of the gate, also in the back corner.

Soon, I'll post photos of the inside of the greenhouse and talk about me new heirloom bed that's around the edges of the veg. garden. I'm still playing catch up!
Chat soon,


  1. Heyyyyy cutie! So happy to see the wonderful photos of your garden. I can't wait to see updates and to hear how many peppers you get. *g*

  2. Wow girl! When you play catch-up, you play for real! It is great to hear how your garden is growing and all the varieties of heirloom plants.

    No garden for me, with all the traveling there wouldn't be a chance that anything would survive.


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